About Proantioquia

21 Nov 2012
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Proantioquia is a non-profit, privately operated foundation, established in 1975 by a group of prominent entrepreneurs from Antioquia. Its goal is to contribute in the building of an increasingly competitive and equitable region, and an integrated and peaceful society, with opportunities for all the citizens.

Since its beginning, Proantioquia has participated in high-impact initiatives for the region and country´s development and competitiveness, through the establishment of inter-institutional alliances, and the support to both economic development projects and initiatives directed to improve the quality, relevance and management of education. Proantioquia has participated, as well, in the institutional reinforcement in order to improve wellbeing and equity in the region.

Throughout this entire process, we actively encourage the private sector to participate in the formulation, discussion and enforcement of public policies, as well as the design and execution of initiatives tending to improve the population's level and quality of life.

In Proantioquia there is a conviction that it is not possible to have a modern, developed, inclusive and competitive society if there is not attention to weaknesses in security, justice, victim´s reparation, human rights defense, land distribution, illicit crop cultivation and, definitely, education, culture, science and technology, health and young children attention.

Core areas

In order to contribute to the region and country´s development, Proantioquia concentrate its efforts in four areas:

  • Social mobilization and voluntary work: It stimulates the creation and strengthening of alliances, networks and discussion scenarios among public and private organizations, in favor of the improvement of social capital and regional development.
  • Education quality: Coordination and promotion of initiatives and inter-institutional actions for the improvement, quality and relevancy of education.
  • Competitiveness and productivity: Improvement of environments and initiatives directed to the enterprise development. It is possible through network with the regional enterprises and organizations focused in competitiveness.
  • Institutional strengthening: Follow-up to public and private institutions, promoters of development and good government, that contribute to the improvement of public policies, transparency and the image on a more fair, supportive, inclusive and competitive society.


As a non-profit foundation, our mission is to promote and support strategic initiatives for the nation's welfare and the region's development, with social responsibility and fairness.


Proantioquia wants to be recognized as an organization which, throughout its own initiatives and strategic alliances, improves social capabilities and conditions to carry out collective efforts in order to build the region and nation.


  • Ethics: To promote the development of a committed society as a key aspect to collectively move forward a more developed and equitable region.
  • Social responsibility: To direct and reinforce the businessmen commitment toward the essential challenges to be faced on the pathway to welfare and equity.
  • Territorial equity: To link the community in the building of an increasingly competitive and equitable Antioquia.


  • Leadership: We mobilize institutions, companies and people around common purposes, through concrete proposals.
  • Communication: We encourage the public dialogue based on technical, truthful, pertinent and respectful arguments.
  • Cooperation: We promote inter-institutional alliances and cooperation networks, as the most suitable mechanisms to achieve better results in the tasks we have assumed.
  • Autonomy: We exercise our institutional principles, without commitments to private interests.
  • Foresight: We act based on present times, with awareness of the environment and perspective of future.